The 10th Open International Origami Olympiad will be held on the internet
from Fabruary 15th, 2023 to March 15th, 2023...

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The most interesting photos from the Olympiads of various years are preserved in the Gallery. You can view them by the reference below.

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This section contains various statistics for the latest Olympiads.

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During the Olympiad, all participants are sent the books with tasks (.pdf), which they should make in a specified period.

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If you have any suggestions for improving this site or you just want to cooperate with the IOIO team ...

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International Origami Internet Olympiad

Welcome to the official website of the International Origami Internet Olympiad (IOIO)! We are glad you consume our online content.

Here you will be able to see the results of the latest IOIO Olympiads, to learn more about the participants of various years, to look through the reports and statistic materials in detail as well as to apply for the participation in new competitions (when the date of acceptance of applications for participation is announced).

The IOIO project was set up in the Russian Federation in 2010.This is an absolutely free project for participants. Every inhabitant of the Earth can take part in it. In recent years IOIO has become one of the most significant and popular events in the world of origami. Thousands of masters of origami from all over the world have taken part in IOIO. The names of many of them are known to every origamist now. So, apart from entertainment, the Olympiad gives participants a unique chance to come into the spotlight! You can also challenge the best masters of origami!

Random participants profiles of IOIO
China flag
China | Yi Wei Li

Yi Wei Li

From China

432 | 0

China flag
China | Mengye Xu

Mengye Xu

From China

444 | 0

France flag
France | Bruno Baudin

Bruno Baudin

From France

353 | 0

Romania flag
Romania | Malina Razvan Mihai

Malina Razvan Mihai

From Romania

328 | 0

Brazil flag
Brazil | Matheus da Silva Muniz

Matheus da Silva Muniz

From Brazil

321 | 0

Spain flag
Spain | Olga Martin Meseguer

Olga Martin Meseguer

From Spain

87 | 0

IOIO - 2023

Information about Olimpiads (IOIO) of various years

Selected profiles

Rating of participants

Participants map

Random photos from the «Gallery»
IOIO-2016,Task №2016

Task №12
(Christophe MICHEL)

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IOIO-2017,Task №2017

Task №17
(Li Qing Quan)

View more
IOIO-2011,Task №2011

Task №13
(Igor Verestun)

View more
IOIO-2018,Task №2018

Task №13
(Stephane Le Pessot)

View more
IOIO-2017,Task №2017

Task №11
(Shuoran Wen)

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IOIO-2014,Task №2014

Task №4
(Dewi Brunet)

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