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Simone March 22, 2020

Hi everyone,

I‘d like to participate in this years IOIO.

I already filled out the application Form twice and tried to send an E-Mail to the provided adress.  

Unfortunately none of my attempts seem to work.

I Hope to get some help here.

Thank you and stay healthy


Tzvetelina ILTMarch 10, 2020

 Great website, guys! I am amazed! I love it!

GuestSeptember 11, 2019

 Крутой конкурс! - Большое спасибо за это чудесное мероприятие (^.^)

GuestAugust 26, 2019


AndrewJuly 6, 2019

Thank you very much for such amazing event!!!!I try to participate in every year, unfortunately is not always possible.